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"It's simple. Beauty is our business. I enjoy making a vision come to life. In a film or commercial it is my goal to make the originator of that vision feel and see it as real. In special events, my clients often have a dream or picture of themself that I must create with them. In every situation I don't follow strict rules. My process is intuitive and I do what feels right at the moment. My regular clients don't get the same, repeated look from me. Instead it is a new fresh take, inspired by the mood or wardrobe and environment. This is how I do Beauty."

- Mariah Nicole, Professional Hair & Makeup Artist


Celebrity hair and make up artist Mariah Nicole formed a group of artists that share her love and passion for beauty, quality and creativity. Mariah uses her acute sense of style and aesthetic eye to beautify women and manifest the vision you have for yourself or project. Mariah's confidence and light touch has made her a favorite among celebrities, directors, musicians, and brides. She exudes a positive, calm and relaxing feeling and puts anyone in her chair at ease.

Voted multiple times as the best of Los Angeles, Mariah Nicole offers makeup and hair styling for all important occasions and artistic projects in Los Angeles & worldwide. And because she  loves the world of beauty, she brings the FUN too! 

Since 2004, Mariah continues to bring a unique touch, sensitive eye, and knowledgeable background to each and every client. Mariah Nicole travels throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia for film, commercials and wedding clients. Two and a half years ago, Mariah became the Beauty Editor of Rogue Magazine - new print & online publication in fashion and entertainment.

In the beginning of 2018, Mariah gave an interview about the rise & growth of her career for Voyage LA magazine. Click here to read her story.